Why do I wear Black?

A friend of mine asked me recently why I always  wore black.

Well I dress in black for several reasons: I find that black looks elegant and it makes me look thin to start with.

Black goes with all other colours that one may add : accessories, be it shoes, bags, scarves, not forgetting gold jewellery that comes out nicely on black.

It is also practical to travel and reduces the number of clothes to take in suitcases.

I also find that being dressed in black will not attract attacks, abuses or tirades from people who may comment on colourful or garish clothes.  Being unnoticed, one is kept in peace.

I am not a racist but there are some people I would rather avoid and I prefer to take care of my own security because it is known that the police is never there when you need them … and there when you don’t want them around!

As we say in French: “un homme prevenu en vaut deux“  which, roughly translated means ‘extravagant or something meaning attracting attention’

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