Where is my Black Scalf?

Going back to my previous article about why do I wear Black, I just remembered that I miss a beautiful silk scarf which was given to me as a present many years ago by a great lady, Carole Perraudin, who used to work for Christian Dior in Paris and was responsible for the “Haute Fourrures” department.

Carole was a “grande dame “ as you can no longer find them these days.

Always dressed “a la perfection “ she moved and knew everyone between Paris, Gstaad, Monaco, New York just to name a few cities.

She loved my magazine “Coups d’Oeil“ and invited me several times to the fabulous Dior Fashion shows in Paris. We became very good friends and she came to one of my birthday parties in Geneva and gave me that gorgeous two meter long scarf full of beautiful colours, which everyone admired each time I wore it. It went with everything underneath, be it black, blue, red, white or yellow.

I made sure it was with me all the time and I have been unable to locate it since February.

I either lost it or someone stole it, as it has been the case with dozens of scarves, sunglasses, gloves, jewels and watches which have gone missing over the last forty years of my life since I have been old enough to be given or to buy beautiful jewels and accessories.

I am very sad because I miss it and I loved wearing it. I hope that whoever finds it or who has it , will make sure I get it back (for a reward) and if they don’t, that it will bring them back luck…In any case the scarf is so spectacular that they should be careful when they wear it that anyone seeing it will remember it as being mine…and they should pray God that they don’t meet me wearing it…

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